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The renovation of an apartment in Rome, in the characteristic area of Trastevere, once a public housing district now one of the most popular center of the nightlife of the city, thanks to the characteristicity of the area, a must seen place for turists in town to experience Rome as romans do, and a typical place for locals to spend the night out. The original apartment had a typical layout of the old apartments of the area, with a wide entry, one living room a bedroom, and one bathroom. The new family had different needs, 2 bedrooms was the main requirement, the second bathroom a very welcomed extra. The first step of the design had been removing the entrance, and replace the space once used for entrance, bathroom and kitchen with an open space for living room, kitchen and dining area, the rest of the house used for the two bedrooms. The new layout is based on a clear division of the house in two halves, one for the day activities and the other for the night area. The two halves had been divided by a middle filter area, this area is used to host all of the service functions, like the washing room, storages and the second bathroom. This filter area also has another important function, which is to light up the living room open space when natural sunlight is not enough. The smart wall is made of a full net of independently addressable leds, controlled by a fully programmable controller card, which allows the full customisability in different situations and according to specific themes.

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